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Eric Roumestan

Eric Roumestan

one of the best magicians
in the world

Strong experience

Eric Roumestan is an internationally awarded winning performer, writer, and speaker. Hailing from France and fluent in 3 languages, he has taken Europe and now the world by storm! At the turn of the millenium he began his journey into the realm of magic and discovered new ways of expressing this subtle art. With music as his first passion, he brings a style and rhythm to each performance and has been dubbed by his peers in prestidigitation as "The Jazz Man of Magic".

His personalized creative style comes from his sense of curiosity, taste for risk, and admiration of the human spirit. Coincidently, these are the same attributes that drive his passion for his original career of firefighter and paramedic. Eric has always had a lot to do with the lives of others, and takes great pride any time he can bring joy and magic into someone's life.

The Jazz Man's specialties are vast. Not limiting himself to one of magic, he thrills the most intimate cabarets to the biggest showcases, finest restaraunts, popular festivals, and progressive trade shows. Early on, Eric sought to ensure each effect in his report would not only solid, but bullet proof. While, he made the stage his new office, festivals became his laboratory and the street his personal experiment. By confronting the most hostile environments, fully surrounded, with unpredictable conditions, Eric is prepped for any audience. He's become known for excellent in situations where impromptu ability becomes a necessity, which for many performers is often the most difficult to master.

Taking on and responding to challenges enabled such rapid progress in his skill and noteable accolades by his industry.

  • In 2008, he French National Champion of Magic.

  • In 2011, he was honored with the French Renaissance"Bronze Medal of Cultural Radiation", thus being the first magician-artist in the world to receive it.

  • That same year he was invited to the 4F Closeup Convention in New York; an invite-only gathering of the top 200 Sleight of Hands artists in the world.

  • In 2014 he was inducted into the Magic Circle of London the oldest, most prestigious Magic society in the world and awarded of Silver Star

  • The 4F Closeup Convention in 2014 awarded Eric his PHD in Magic.

  • Eric toured from 2014 to 2016 across 4 continents with his sought after lecture entitled "Perceptions"

  • In 2017 he was awarded "contributor of the year" by the Linking Ring Magazine for his writings on presentation and development

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