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For several years, Eric Roumestan has traveled all over the world to present his lectures and Master Classes to some of magic's most prestigious societies and most credible performers. His experience consulting and coaching with various artists, personalities, and languages provide a strong foundation to his brand of teaching. 

Eric offers a unique approach to magic of close-up and parlour. During each of his original routines, He breaks down different concepts and theories such as the psychology of deception, non-verbal communication, staging and blocking, and personalizing effects. With a deep understanding of music, Eric helps his students to visualize a rhythm in their script, and a natural flow to their technique.

Roumestan's Master Class is a hands on experience with the application of his concepts and theories, learning not only the sequence of entire routines but a new approach to the development of one's own ideas.  With personalized support, Eric makes concrete and measurable results in a performer's career achievable, and deepens one's knowledge and perspective of their own persona.


Eric Roumestan demonstrates not just  "How" but "Why" magic works and is useful to everyone.

Through various programs, customizable according to your needs, Eric explains the keys used in the development and application of magic and their added value and utilization in other professional fields.

In fact, many of the non-magic public have been awed and inspired by Eric's depiction of the benefits of art of magic on the world today.


Gain a new perspective of the world around you and the magic that lies in every corner when you experience the boggling mind and dizzying skill of one the the world's finest magicians!

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