Eric Roumestan is the perfect combination of "Magic meets Art"! His sleight-of-hand has an original style and ability that are unmatched.


       He's considered one of the best magicians in the world, and now he travels the world, performing in the most elegant theaters, the most popular restaurants, and the most exclusive events.


In the corporate world, his mind blowing magic is a favorite at international conventions and trade shows as Eric catches any clientele completely off guard, leaving them confounded and  in complete amusement!

His abilities range from entertainment on any scale to consulting and coaching as well.


      He's lecturing for the most prestigious magic organizations, but not only. he puts his knowledges at the service of the human in Companies in order to transmit the "Processes" used in his art. He accompanies in the study of the behavior as well as in the fields of the Communication, allowing better to exchange, observe and innovate.

      Eric's artistic expression and his incredible ability to improvise assure each performance is a unique moment and has brought his peers to consider him the "Jazz Man" of Magic.